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Our Barn

Berks County, PA


Ashley Borman-Parker
Wishbone Valley Ranch

Chester county,pa

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Nature's Grace Farm is a beautiful 15+ acre private barn that offers horse boarding, lessons, parties, and more. We strive to provide riders and boarders with a friendly, safe, and positive atmosphere to ride, learn, and share in the love of horses.

Owned and operated by Amanda Casey who has been in the equine industry for over 20 years. Since she was a young girl, Amanda only knew one career path she was certain she wanted to do, owning and managing her own barn. To achieve this dream, Amanda completed her bachelor's degree in Equine Management: Media and Communications at Delaware Valley University, studied under and rode with various trainers, and interned and worked for many barns. Amanda believes one is never done learning, we can always better ourselves.


In her years of riding, learning, and boarding, Amanda was always in search of that 'home barn' that everyone else was talking about, but was never able to find a barn that truly felt like home. She wanted her barn to be a true welcoming place, one where all can feel at home, and with Nature's Grace she can now provide that home for others.

Amanda Grace Bauver
Nature's Grace Farm

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