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Our Program

Cancer Patients & Survivors of ALL ages!



Our Student Outreach Coordinators

Chester County, PA

Lehigh Valley, PA


The core of the program includes Four (4)- 90 minute sessions and guides students through all aspects of horse care from basic grooming to leading horses to riding. Our program is customized for each individual based on their age, skills, experience, comfort level, health and physical ability. Students are encouraged to become Ambassadors to the program at the completion of the course, offering their newly acquired knowledge to families entering the program. Lessons are taught by our Riding Instructors FREE so that students will not be prevented from joining our program due to financial considerations.

Upon completion of program, all participants will be competent in the following areas:

  • Halter and tack up horse/pony

  • Use grooming equipment correctly

  • Leading a horse/pony from left and right sides

  • Understanding horses and how they communicate their thoughts and emotions

  • Steer horse at walk and posting trot 

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